Welcome to Chungmok Lee's Page!

I am now working at Dept. of Industrial & Manegement Engineering, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies as an associate professor.

My main research interest is to analyse, model, design, and implement algorithms for optimization problems by using in-depth theory and the state-of-the-art tools.

You can download my CV.

Some facts about me:

  • My Erdös number is 3 (Paul Erdös -> Gutti Jogesh Babu -> Dennis K. J. Lin -> Me!). You can calculate your own at here. I bet it will be much smaller than you may think!
    • Erdős, P.; Babu, G. Jogesh; Ramachandra, K. An asymptotic formula in additive number theory. Acta Arith. 28 (1975/76), no. 4, 405–412.
    • McDermott, James P.; Babu, G. Jogesh; Liechty, John C.; Lin, Dennis K. J. Data skeletons: simultaneous estimation of multiple quantiles for massive streaming datasets with applications to density estimation. Stat. Comput. 17 (2007), no. 4, 311–321.
    • Lee, Chungmok; Pham, Minh; Jeong, Myong K.; Kim, Dohyun; Lin, Dennis K. J.; Chavalitwongse, Wanpracha Art. A network structural approach to the link prediction problem. INFORMS J. Comput. 27 (2015), no. 2, 249–267.
  • I am very enjoying collaborations with researchers from other fields. If any optimization issues come up in your research, you may contact me!
  • You can see citation statistics of my papers at here.

Simplex algorithm finds an optimal solution

Figure: Simplex algorithm finds an optimal solution.

Written on May 4, 2015